Partners in Mission for Christ
WE strive to be a servant people of God in Jesus Christ and Partners within the Body of Christ.
 The role of the presbytery is to be that of a servant, supporting the local church
ministry and mission.
 Presbytery will need maximum flexibility to meet the mission and ministry needs
of the next decade.
 Our gatherings will need to emphasize worship and fellowship as well as
 Participation in presbytery activities should emphasize self-selection.
IT IS OUR MISSION to bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Northern New England by:
 Preaching the Good News
 Educating and Nurturing
 Exhibiting Stewardship of our gifts and resources
 Demonstrating solidarity with people in need
 Ministering to people in as many ways as possible
 Responding to the Great Commission
 Strengthening our relationship with the PC(USA)
 Working towards the Unity of the whole church
WE CELEBRATE our uniqueness of a few small churches in a large territory and believe that we
have an important ministry.
WE COMMIT ourselves to strengthening our congregations. Celebrate The presbytery commits
itself to strengthening its congregations.
WE ARE ACTIVE in mission, meeting community needs in many places.
WE ARE DIVERSE, made up of urban, suburban and rural churches. Our diversity is further
evidences in our ethnic, cultural, and economic differences.
WE SHARE a feeling of intimacy borne of our size, which has kept us together and enables us to
survive. Our commitment is shown each time we come together from great distances to do the work of
the presbytery.
WE ARE a Reformed presence in New England, growing now through new church developments.
While treasuring our 250-year history, we look forward to the future with confidence, faith and hope.

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